A passion for excellence!

Consistently improving and setting new standards is only possible when you care passionately about what you do. At Johnsons our passion is quality sports turf! 

Supporting the natural turf industry through sponsorship and research

Johnsons sports seed remains the only dedicated sports turf seed range in the UK. We are major supporters of the UK turf management industry, being lifelong exhibitors at the BIGGA, BTME exhibition, and major sponsors of the IOG turf management awards. It is through these close relationships with the industry’s leading associations, turf managers , agronomists and the worlds largest seed breeders that we are able to bring you what we believe is our strongest line up of sports turf seed mixtures ever!

Market leading seed portfolio

We believe strongly in the value of global breeding backed up with local independent trials and product evaluation. Our customers can judge for themselves the quality of our seed mixtures, based on genuine scientific trials results rather than marketing hype. This year sees continued improvements to the mixture lineup based on trials performance and customer feedback. Our golf portfolio has been further strengthened with the development of the highest rated new chewings fescue Siskin. 

Discover the benefits ofTetraploid Ryegrasses 

As world leaders in tetraploid ryegrass technology our new 4turf tetraploid ryegrass cultivars have taken centre stage at the last 2 World Cups and the 2016 European championships in France. Leading sports turf managers across the globe are taking advantage of the rapid establishment, increable disease resistance, improved root strength, high shoot density and strong wear tolerance! Why not try them for yourself and see what all the excitement is about.  

New   seed coat technology

DLF seeds lead the world in seed coat technologies, helping turf professionals save both time and money and  ensuring perfect results are achieved every time. Our most popular mixtures are now available pre coated with the latest nutrient seed coating New ProNitro Our latest research shows how the unique coating can really improve your overseeding results, with significantly faster establishment and sward development.

All standard Johnsons Sports turf mixtures are pre-coated with Growmax biostimulant.

For information on how Johnsons our latest range of seed mixtures could improve the results of your next overseeding program talk to your local distributor or our team of regional technical support managers.

Derek Smith

Amenity Sales & Marketing Manager