Poa trivialis

Rough stalked meadow grass

For Shady Conditions + Overseeding

Master in shady conditions
Poa trivialis is mainly used in conditions where light is insufficient due to shade or in the winter months. SABRENA 1 performs very well in such conditions.

Darker green colour
SABRENA 1 renews the small group of available varieties by being darker green and even finer and more dense.

It is common to incorporate from 10-15% (weight) into mixtures used for shaded green areas and 10-30% for overseeding on golf courses or winter football pitches.

Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
Shade tolerance
Winter hardiness
  • Dense, fine and darker colour
  • High shade tolerance
  • Good frost tolerance
  • Erect growth and fast establishment

Index of use

Source: Bulletin Gazon (France). 1-9, 9=best

Density, fineness and colour

Source: Bulletin Gazon (France). 1-9, 9 = best / darker