Johnson’s new formula J Premier Wicket has proven high performance

With the demand from Groundsmen to deliver high quality grass seed products, DLF Trifoliums’ Johnsons Sports Seeds have made a number of changes to their existing formulations for cricket. The recently announced new 2015 formulation of J Premier Wicket now contains 4 top rated cultivars to deliver the desired results.

J Premier Wicket has proven performance being the only cricket mixture on the market which contains 4 top quality cultivars all listed in the Turfgrass seed booklet, with proven results in the STRI close mown ryegrass trials - 40% Clementine and 20% each of Dickens, Chardin and the new cultivar Monroe. This blend of 4 cultivars delivers rapid establishment and the highest level of disease resistance. Clementine offers unrivalled shoot density being ranked No.1, combined with a fine leaf and a clean cut for improved performance and aesthetic appearance. New J Premier Wicket is also available iSeed coated.

At Somerset County Cricket Club, Simon Lee has used Johnsons J Premier Wicket since he took over as Head Groundsman in 2010. “We have been using Johnsons J Premier Wicket on our squares, and in season we switch to Ji Premier Wicket with the iSeed® coating. Combined they deliver excellent results, rapid establishment, good health and wear tolerance over the long cricket season.”

iSeed® from DLF Trifolium is a method of providing all the nutrients needed by a seedling in a single coating, so as to improve the establishment of the plant but also reduce inputs. iSeed® has found a home on cricket pitches and many Groundsmen are very enthusiastic about the big difference they are seeing.