Colour Boost Range

The Colour Boost range from DLF has been designed for maximum floral impact, incorporating both wild flower and garden flowering species. Colour Boost mixtures establish rapidly to deliver a dazzling floral display throughout the year whilst providing welcome food and shelter for wildlife.

Add colour, biodiversity and interest to your space with Colour Boost.

Colour Boost from DLF

In order to meet with the increasing demand for conservation mixtures, DLF has utilised in-house research and production facilities to formulate a number of high-quality, maximum-impact 
mixtures designed for amenity spaces. Within the Colour Boost range is a mixture to suit most situations not only improving visual merit, but restoring critical habitats for insect, small 
mammal and bird populations. Only the best quality varieties are selected to deliver consistent results, strong visual impact and bring benefit to the immediate environment. Our experienced team is on hand to provide advice on mixture selection and the  ongoing maintenance of your space.

Why Choose Colour Boost mixtures?

Flowering species have long played a key role in landscaping and development projects, bringing biodiversity to urban environments, as well as domestic or public green spaces. The inclusion of Colour Boost is a great step in improving levels of engagement and interaction with the environment.

Colour Boost will satisfy the desire to bring aesthetic appeal to public spaces, while providing valuable habitat and a source of food to a rich variety of wildlife. For butterflies, bees 
and other pollinators they provide a valuable source of pollen and nectar at a time when many areas of their natural environment are under threat. 

  • Easy to grow, with relatively low levels of input required throughout the season
  • Cost-effective way of improving the aesthetic appeal of a space
  • Robust, fast-flowering mixtures with long-lasting results
  • Improve engagement and interaction with the environment
  • Reduce water and chemical consumption
  • Improve biodiversity and create habitats for wildlife

How to optimise results from the Colour Boost range

Sowing of Colour Boost should ideally take place in the spring, when the soil is warm and moist enough to encourage germination. Late March or early April are optimal, however late spring frosts should be avoided. Sowing can then take place right through until the end of June. Mixtures are tolerant of a wide variety of soil types, making them suited to a range of sites including golf courses, parks & public spaces, grounds, gardens and highways. Try to avoid shaded areas – most species within the Colour Boost mixtures prefer full, or at least half, sun. They will also prefer soils that can retain some moisture. Land should also be avoided that is susceptible to weed ingress such as landfills or old vacant areas.

100% Flower seed mixtures are notoriously difficult to sow when applying at just a few grams per m2. To ensure even sowing and correct application rates we suggest using our Rehofix MK1500 corn skin granule as a carrier – natural, biodegradable, easier, and a lot cheaper than running out of an expensive seed mix half way through the project. There is no set application rate for this, as every end users machine and expertise is different, but we would suggest a ratio of 1 part seed 5 parts Rehofix .

Sowing rate for all Colour Boost mixtures 3-5g/m2.