ProNitro® - the next generation of seed technology

Launched at BTME 2016 ProNitro®, Johnsons Sports Seeds’ new 4G seed coat technology, is considered to be the ‘next generation’ of seed technology. ProNitro® will see the introduction of a number of ‘J Nitro’ mixtures for the coming season and beyond.

Greenkeepers and Groundsmen alike are always looking out for the highest quality seed products, but they are also looking for ways to reduce inputs of herbicide, fertilisers and water. Developed in-house by DLF, ProNitro® is the latest step towards delivering products that requires lower input for a longer time. ProNitro® is a patented seed coating that focuses on improving nutrient utilisation during the early stages of plant growth. It contains 15% nitrogen, a combination of both fast acting and slow release. By combining the seed and fertiliser, the new seed receives the full benefit and not the surrounding plants - especially important when overseeding into a competitive sward. The roots and shoots grow rapidly, up to 30% increase in root growth, and the seedlings become strong and vigorous with up to 34% more viable plants. In addition, this improves the use of all available soil nutrients and decreases nutrient loss into the environment by fixation or leaching. Nitrogen uptake with ProNitro® is up to 4 times more efficient compared to broadcast applied ordinary fertilisers. For the golf market, a number of J Nitro mixtures are available including J Nitro All Bent for greens and J Nitro Fescue for greens, tees and fairways.

Also new for 2016 is Nigella, a slender creeping red fescue that demonstrates exceptional density. Destined to be a perfect partner to DLF’s range of fine turf fescues, and a key cultivar to feature in a number of Johnson’s mixtures for both fairway and close mown management. The improved colour and disease resistance further enhances the overall visual merit of this cultivar. The addition of Nigella has meant new formulations of J Green and J Fescue, details of which can be seen in the new 2016 Johnsons Sports Seed catalogue.