19 .Jan.2022

Safeguard your turf by choice - not by chance

As changing climatic conditions bring more periods of hot and humid weather, the severity and geographic range of fungal diseases are increasing - of particular concern is the rise in reported instances of Brown Patch.

For the last two years, DLF have been working on a screening programme to analyse different varieties, with the results highlighting the strong tolerance of 4turf®, along with certain DLF diploid varieties, to this foliar disease. This data will now begin to shape new formulations from DLF, ensuring they continue to produce product not just fit for today, but equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

The shift in weather patterns combined with changing management models of maintenance and plant nutrition are largely believed to be the triggers for an increase in the occurrence of some turf diseases, previously less commonly seen. Brown Patch is caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia spp. All cool-season turf grasses are susceptible to potential attack by the fungus, however it has been found to be most detrimental to bent grass, ryegrasses, annual meadow grass and some fescue species. Attacks are often triggered by hot, humid conditions with an increase in cases identified on plants that are moist and/or have been over-stimulated with nitrogen-based fertilisers