J Multi Sport

For sports fields, cricket outfields and athletics fields


● 25% Chardin [Perennial Ryegrass]

High shoot density, fast recovery and a fine leaf,

tolerant of close mown conditions

STRI Rating 7.1

● 25% Columbine [Perennial Ryegrass]

For excellent colour and disease resistance

STRI Rating 7.4

● 25% Rossinante [Strong Creeping Red Fescue]

The fastest establishment of any red fescue,

delivering strong density with low inputs

STRI Rating 5.9

● 25% Sergei [Strong Creeping Red Fescue]

Well rated for both shoot density and visual merit

STRI Rating 5.4


 treated, maximisesseedling development 




Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Wear tolerance
Red thread tolerance
Fast establishment

A multi-purpose mixture designed for sports fields, cricket outfields and athletics use, where a high quality, flexible sward is required. Top rated cultivars provide a mixture that is ideal for renovations, providing a sward that establishes quickly and cuts cleanly.

Sowing rate - 35-50g/m2

Oversowing - 25-50g/m2

Mowing height - Down to 20mm