J Premier Pitch

Premier quality football & rugby pitches

% Cultivar Species STRI Rating
20% EUROPITCH Perennial Ryegrass 7.8
20% EURODIAMOND Perennial Ryegrass 7.8
25% GILDARA Perennial Ryegrass 7.6
25% MONROE Perennial Ryegrass 7.6
10% EUROCORDUS Perennial Ryegrass 7.8


Sowing Rate: 35-75g/m2
Oversowing: 25-75g/m2
Mowing Height: Down to 12mm

  • Proven performance at many of Europe’s leading stadia - delivers exceptional wear tolerance and disease resistance under stadium management conditions
  • 5 cultivar blend incorporates Europe’s highest rated cultivars including Gildara and Monroe for proven brown patch tolerance
  • Rapid establishment, ready to mow in 3-5 weeks, for natural and hybrid pitches
  • Ultimate match day turf recovery with average rating of 7.4
  • GroMax treated, maximises seedling development
  • New JNitro Premier Pitch - ProNitro coated option available 

 treated, maximises seedling development 

Purity you can rely on 




Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Wear tolerance
Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Fast establishment
"The ground is home to both rugby league and rugby union. We often have to back to back matches, this means we undertake regular over seeding. We also host football matches and other events including concerts. The pitch therefore is under tremendous pressure. We have used Johnsons Premier Pitch for many years, season after season. I'm delighted with the rapid establishment we experience with the seed and the resilience of the sward in very testing circumstances"
Dan Huffman

Head Groundsman

Salford Reds RLFC

Sale Sharks RUFC