Winter Rescue Mixtures

Key cultivars used in our winter rescue mixtures are 4Turf Tetraploid Ryegrass and Axcella Annual Ryegrass 

New Fabian 4TURF Tetraploid perennial ryegrass 
4TURF is a unique new turf type Tetraploid perennial ryegrass bred specifically by DLF Trifolium for rapid establishment and unique stress tolerance, not to be confused with standard Tetraploids.
Rapid establishment
4TURF seeds are larger than regular ryegrass cultivars, producing stronger seedlings and faster establishment even at lower temperatures. 
Top rated disease resistance and stress tolerance
Enhanced rooting capability for a stronger deeper root system
Excellent mixture partner
4TURF cultivars are slightly less dense than regular diploid ryegrass,  allowing companion species in the mixture a better chance of establishment.

AXCELLA Annual Ryegrass 
Axcella is the first commercially available annual ryegrass recommended exclusively for turfgrass use. Developed by DLF Trifolium from unique dwarf annual ryegrass plants that exhibit greater shoot density, narrower leaf blades, less vertical growth and a darker green leaf  colour than standard annual ryegrass cultivars.
Low temperature germination
Axcella has proven to offer the fastest establishment in both laboratory and field trials under low temperature conditions (4ºC).
Rapid establishment
Axcella was developed exclusively for the winter overseeding of dormant turf, Axcella exhibits very strong seedling vigour for rapid, weed free establishment and coverage, properties which led to its selection for preparation of the highly acclaimed pitches at the last world cup.
Wear Tolerant
The dense and vigorous growth habit delivers the  wear tolerance required for the emergency renovation of winter damaged turf!



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