Browntop bent

Ideal for golf greens in mixture with Festuca rubra commutata and Festuca rubra litoralis. Does best under relatively poor growth conditions. Over-fertilising, over-watering and compact or waterlogged soil will result in displacement of the species by annual meadow grass.


Latin name:        Agrostis capillaris
                          syn. tenuis

Seeds/gram:     10,000

Germination:      2-3 weeks

Shoot density:    400-600

Cutting height:   Normal: 4-12mm;
                          good durability
                          at 5mm

Growth:              Creeping mainly
                          short rhizomes


Distinguishing features:

Leaves matt green and broadest at base, gradually narrowing to a fine tip

Leaf with parallel venation, no keel. Upper surface and lower surface of similar appearance

Leaf rolled in shoot Ligule short, truncated, 0.5-2.0mm long

Short rhizomes, to a lesser degree, stolons

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