Strong creeping red fescue

Rhizomatous growth stabilises root zones and provides some recovery from damage. This species is used in turf production for binding. Strong creeping red fescue is not suited to close mown areas such as golf greens. It is however used in some tees and fairway mixtures as it has some regenerative capacity due to its rhizomes.


Latin name:        Festuca rubra rubra

Seeds/gram:     800

Germination:      About 2 weeks

Shoot density:    250-450

Cutting height:   Normal: 20-35mm
                          Not less than 12mm

Growth:              Creeping long


Distinguishing features:

Leaves stiff and filamentous

Young leaf folded in shoot (tends to remain unfolded when mature)

Ligule short, blunt and difficult to distinguish

Long rhizomes

Leaf sheath complete, not overlapping 

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