Cricket Wickets & Outfields Mixtures

Johnsons Sports Seed is made up of a range of mixtures for tennis, cricket, football, rugby & equestrian turf. Within each mixture the varieties have been carefully selected for top performance.
Guaranteed quality
Turf managers maintaining the full range of sports areas will appreciate the extensive work carried out by our breeding team to produce cultivars offering high ratings for wear tolerance, sward density and tolerance of close mowing. The mixture formulations following and the varieties therein, take full advantage of these characteristics, providing the sports turf manager with assured sward performance.

Fast results
The common denominator for all Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures is very quick establishment whether for new seeding or renovation purposes. Results are enhanced by the addition of GroMax and NEW iSeed® seed treatments.

Superior wear tolerance
All varieties in the Johnsons Sports Seed range are selected so that they are hardwearing, dense and disease resistant, minimising the invasion of Poa annua and other weed species.

High visual merit
The use of top rated cultivars in all Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures ensures very high visual merit throughout the season, as well as quick establishment, wear tolerance and disease resistance. 

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